Digital Humanities MA Program

The MA program in Humanities is not accepting applications from students for entry during the 2022-23 academic year.

Digital humanities embraces a wide variety of activities that, in different ways, bring together data science, computing, data curation, and humanistic study. Work in the digital humanities can range from digital exhibitions in museums and libraries, to the work of scholars using computers to analyze literature and art, to the study of and engagement with social media and social networks, to the practice of digital publication and media.

The digital humanities program at FSU is an entry point to these many varied digital activies for students from all disciplines. Students come to the digital humanities MA from all the humanities disciplines, music, art, libraries, software development, scientific computing, and other technical fields. For many, the degree provides a way to gain skills while studying material they love; for some, an MA is a stepping stone to further graduate work in a discipline; and for others, digital humanities allows students to gain skills and perspectives which help them stand out from their peers when embarking on a new career. Whatever brings you to digital humanities, the MA program allows students to tailor a degree to their interests and goals while joining a vibrant and growing community of students and scholars.