Undergraduate Program

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Humanities offers a broad interdisciplinary education in the thought, literature, art history, and music of Western and Eastern cultures. The interdepartmental undergraduate major is offered as a preparation for graduate work in the humanities and as a basic cultural background for a variety of professional fields, such as teaching, research, journalism, law, librarianship, foreign service, the religious professions, music, arts administration, and government service.

With over 200 students majoring and many more minoring, the undergraduate program in Interdisciplinary Humanities provides students with flexibility to pursue a well-rounded liberal arts education customized to their own interests. Numerous tracks within the major allow students to experience the depth and breadth of the university's academic offerings.

The Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities is home to widely popular courses such as Hum 3321 (Multicultural Dimensions of Film) and Hum 2020 (The Art of Being Human), both of which fulfill multiple university requirements and are open to students from any major or school of the university.