Welcome to the Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities!

The Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities (PIH) offers a flexible undergraduate major and minor in a wide variety of concentrations and numerous courses fulfilling many of the university's Liberal Arts requirements. Students get to choose three concentrations within the Humanities major and create the major that is most meaningful to them by choosing their own classes within each concentration. PIH is home to a thriving undergraduate program with over 200 majors and minors, teaching hundreds of students each year through courses like:

HUM 2020: The Art of Being Human

HUM 2210: Humanities from Pre-History to Late Antiquity

HUM 2235: Humanities from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

HUM 2250: Humanities of the Modern Period

HUM 2831: Digital Literacy in the Humanities

HUM 3321: Multicultural Film


We also offer an Upper-Division Writing class that can be used as a major class in any concentration of the Humanities major or minor:

HUM 3218: Humanism and the Humanities (offered in Spring)

The Humanities major is designed to enable to students to explore three areas of greatest interest to themselves and develop vital skills in writing, critical thinking, and textual analysis that are in demand in a wide range of careers.



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